Data Engineering Services

We help businesses with digital transformation by preparing them for sharing data between departments and lines of business. Our data engineering solutions provide a data management strategy that improves decision-making processes, leading to success. We prioritize data and help companies make the most of it.

Data Engineering Services to Help You Take More Informed Decisions

Companies around the world handle large amounts of data from various sources like IoT devices, connected systems, and application users.

Maximize Value of Your Data Assets with Data Engineering Services

IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have propelled the evolution of the data-driven businesses.

CNC provides data engineering services that help companies manage and analyze large amounts of data generated from various sources like IoT devices and applications. CNC's data engineering solutions are designed to validate, verify and improve the quality of data through ETL processes. These solutions also provide next-generation data analytics and visualization that can help organizations make data-driven decisions.

CNC has assisted companies in tackling their data-related problems, anticipating the patterns of demand, boosting satisfaction of end-users, and guiding them in creating business strategies based on smart insights.

Our team of data engineering experts use the best technology and tools to analyze all types of data, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. We offer end-to-end data engineering solutions, which means we can help with everything from data acquisition and storage to modeling and consultation, and even automate ETL processes. We can also help with building pipelines, migration, integration, visualization and analytics.


Data forms

Structured data is organized and has a defined format, like tables in a database. Semi-structured and unstructured data are less organized and may not have a defined format or schema, like emails or social media posts.

Data Architecture

Our team designs cloud solutions for data engineering such as Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and end-to-end pipelines, automating ETL and ELT processes. We ensure that the data platform we create is cost-effective, scalable, and secure.

ETL and ELT Services

CNC offers real-time and batch data pipeline and processing, along with data cleansing and tagging services, as well as data mapping, transformation, and validation. They can also help set up data lakes and data warehouses.

Data Analytics & Visualization

We provide consultancy and planning for analytical method development, interactive dashboards & visualizations, and managed reporting service platforms using AWS QuickSight, Looker, PowerBI, and more.

Data Science Services

Machine learning involves training algorithms to make predictions or decisions based on data. Performance tuning optimizes the speed and efficiency of software or systems, while pattern recognition, recommendation engines, and adaptive learning are specific applications of machine learning.

Data Storage

Our team has expertise in various cloud storage solutions such as AWS S3, AWS EFS, Google Cloud, Azure Blob Storage, etc., for efficient and secure data management.

AI Development Services

Top-notch Artificial Intelligence solutions and services that prove to be apt catalysts to gain the maximum benefit for businesses.