Data Analytics

CNC provides data analytics services to help businesses turn their high-volume data into actionable insights using interactive dashboards. With our services, businesses can transform into data-led enterprises and make more informed decisions for growth.

Our First-rate Data Analytics Services

We help you utilize your data to achieve business objectives with our data visualization consulting services. We turn raw data into comprehensible formats and declutter large volumes of data to improve monitoring, prediction, and decision-making.

Interactive BI Applications

We centralize and transform your data storage for better data analysis with our BI app development services. Our experts offer interactive app development solutions and strategies to maximize ROI through advanced analytics features for real-time monitoring of your data analytics metrics.

Paginated Reports & Dashboard Development

CNC offers customized data visualization solutions, including paginated reports and intuitive dashboards, to cater to the specialized data analytics needs of various user levels, and integrate them with existing software or systems.

Data Visualization Implementation

We offer personalized data visualization strategies and solutions to ease your specific data visualization and analytics needs, helping you unlock hidden opportunities and find new business growth perspectives. Our data visualization consultants research, analyze, and implement efficient data visualization techniques tailored to your requirements.

Custom Dashboard Development

CNC provides custom data visualization solutions with fully customized dashboards aligned with specific analytics requirements. These dashboards provide consumable data formats for a range of users, from experts to novices.

Dashboard Optimization

CNC data visualization consulting services optimize your dashboards for better access, interactions, and rendering of data insights on various devices. Our consultants ensure that visualizations are optimized for reducing load time and querying the database efficiently.

Data Visualization with Cloud Services

Our data visualization consultants specialize in real-time analysis and interpretation of high-volume data, using cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to create custom dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources and simplify decision-making.

BI Migration

Our BI migration service simplifies the task of migrating data from legacy to modern BI platforms like Power BI, Tableau, etc. Our experts ensure high performance, minimal downtime, and accurate migration.

Data Platform Development

Our data visualization development experts can modernize your existing data platform by building a custom platform that supports analytics and BI with ETL and OLAP integration, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Our Data Analytics Service Tech Stack

Data Visualization

Power BI

Our Power BI development service helps you to leverage Microsoft's powerful business intelligence software to unlock insights, improve visibility, and make better business decisions by transforming your enterprise data into meaningful visualizations.


We provide Tableau data visualization services to help businesses derive smarter insights and improve operations, build a data-driven culture, and enhance customer experience using Tableau's powerful analytics and BI platform.


Pentaho is a robust business intelligence platform that offers services for data integration, ETL, OLAP, data mining, reporting, and dashboard creation. With its powerful data integration and visualization capabilities, it provides an easy way to connect to multiple data sources and perform ETL.


SSRS, a Microsoft SQL Server Service, provides on-premises tools for creating and delivering interactive, mobile, and printable reports.


Microsoft Excel is a versatile tool used for data visualization and analysis, offering simple data management solutions with modern computation capabilities, and powerful analytics for businesses to gain insights.

Logi Composer

Logi Composer is a low-code platform that enables enterprises to create customized data visualizations and dashboards for better decision-making, with drill-downs and filters.

Data Integration


CNC data experts use Azure Data Factory, a fully-managed and serverless data integration service from Microsoft, to build efficient data pipelines and streamline the ETL process by integrating data of all shapes and sizes from various sources with over 90 built-in connectors.


Our Pentaho Data Integration service provides effective Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities to manage data sources, clean them, and store them in a uniform format, helping organizations create customized and consistent data pipelines.

AWS Glue

With AWS Glue, our business intelligence developers can easily perform ETL and integration activities in a cost-effective and efficient manner, helping you prepare your data for analytics. As a serverless and scalable data integration service, AWS Glue offers powerful ETL capabilities.


Hevo is a user-friendly data pipeline platform that helps businesses extract, transform, and load data from multiple sources to the warehouse, and prepare it for analytics through no-code data models and workflows, providing better insights.


Our BI developers use Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) to provide end-to-end data migration, data management, and data integration solutions, enabling enterprises to solve complex data challenges using Microsoft’s business intelligence stack.

Data Warehousing

SQL Server

Our data experts leverage the robust features of SQL Server to streamline data collection, integration, management, analysis, and reporting, making it an ideal choice for modern businesses looking for a reliable relational database management system.

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Service is a powerful analytics service for data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics, helping enterprises gain timely insights across their data warehouse and big data systems.


Our BI experts leverage Amazon Redshift to provide fully-managed, scalable data warehousing solutions with features such as data compression, automatic backups, and encryption. Amazon Redshift simplifies the process of setting up and operating a data warehouse with its easy-to-use interface and cost-effective pricing.


MySQL is an open-source relational database management system used for data warehousing and online transaction processing, offering high performance, reliability, and agility for businesses of all sizes. It is a widely used platform that meets the database needs of modern businesses.


Our team of BI developers and designers use Snowflake's cloud-based data storage and analytics services to build data-intensive applications that provide concurrency and performance at scale. Snowflake's architecture and wide-ranging capabilities ensure hassle-free data management and analysis.


PostgreSQL is a reliable and versatile open-source RDBMS with advanced features and SQL compliance. Our team utilizes PostgreSQL to meet data storage and warehouse needs with its stable and accurate capabilities.

Why Utilize CNC Data Analytics Services?

Data Analytics services offer businesses the ability to unlock silos of information, enabling improved decision-making by organizing and presenting data in a clear and understandable way. These services can be used across various industries and niches to gain insights from data.

Curtail Spreadsheets Requirement

Advanced data visualizations can replace dozens of spreadsheets and provide real-time insights for better decision-making and identifying business opportunities.

Easy Complex Data Interpretation

Data Analytics helps reveal patterns and insights from complex data sets, allowing users to easily understand and interpret large amounts of information through various visual representations such as tables, charts, maps, and graphs.

Efficient Data Filtration

Our data analytics consulting services provide dedicated dashboards that allow users to uncover crucial details from data collected from various sources, enabling them to view it from a different perspective and gain valuable insights.

Customized Reports

Customized reports provide crucial insights and KPI tracking for C-suite managers and experts, helping them improve productivity and identify factors affecting business growth.

Foresee Emerging Trends

Data visualization can help identify market trends and patterns, allowing businesses to adjust their strategies and improve profits by making informed decisions. Dashboards provide a clear view of data, making it easier to analyze and act upon.

Stamp Out Bottlenecks

Our data visualization service helps businesses identify erroneous data by providing clear and interactive visuals of data silos, allowing them to rectify mistakes and improve data accuracy.

Need Data Analytics Consulting?

CNC offers expert data analytics consulting services to help businesses gain valuable insights from complex data. Partner with us to accelerate your business goals with effective data visualization strategies.