Software Testing and QA Services

Our quality assurance services ensure that your products meet the highest standards of quality and performance, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Trust us to help you achieve your business objectives through effective testing and quality assurance practices.

Quality Assurance Services for Best-in-Class Product Delivery

CNC offers software quality assurance (QA) and testing services to help you create reliable and secure software products. We help you design and implement the best quality assurance processes to ensure your products are always of high quality.

Our quality assurance and testing services can be used throughout the entire software development process, no matter the setup or stage, to ensure high-quality software.

We Can Perform Any Testing Type You Need

Testing during software development

Testing services during software evolution

Our QA and Software Testing Services

QA outsourcing

CNC provides QA as a service, which means that we take charge of the entire quality assurance process for your software product. This includes creating a comprehensive QA strategy, designing and implementing QA processes, and conducting tests throughout the software development lifecycle.

When to opt for:

QA consulting

CNC QA consultants help eliminate QA process constraints, achieve higher QA maturity and efficiency by providing the following services:

Pricing: T&M/T&M with a cap or an hourly fee.

Managed testing services

To release on time, ScienceSoft provides a testing team that is managed by your in-house QA manager and requires little time to onboard. The team takes over a part or the whole scope of testing activities, including:

When to opt for:

One-time testing

CNC testing team performs all or selected types of testing:

When to opt for:

Quality assessment

CNC IT professionals perform:

Testing as a service

CNC takes over the whole testing process from test execution to testing process and team management. ScienceSoft’s is responsible for:

When to opt for:

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We take a full-service approach to every client and project, meaning our testing process is streamlined and effective. Let QA Madness help you save time and money.Source: QA Madness - Quality Assurance & Software Testing Company Software testing company